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BJJ legend Relson Gracie arrested on drug charges in Brazil

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BJJ red belt and grappling icon Relson Gracie has been arrested in his native Brazil

Relson Gracie Screengrab, YouTube/MaileGirl

One of the biggest names in Brazilian jiu jitsu history could be facing up to 15 years in prison. Relson Gracie, older brother of UFC Hall of Famer Royce, has been arrested in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on suspicion of drug trafficking (HT: grapplinginsider).

Relson has numerous affiliate gyms in the US and has acted as a coach to a number of MMA fighters. Notable black belts under Relson include Steve Maxwell and the Migliarese brothers.

According to local reports, Relson was traveling on a bus when it was stopped and inspected by a K-9 unit. The dogs reportedly noticed a scent and Gracie’s bag was investigated. The bag was said to contain marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia.

Marijuana herb, oil and cream were allegedly found in the bag as well as a plane ticket from the United States.

Press Release / PRF

With laws surrounding marijuana being notoriously strict in Brazil, it remains to be seen what sort of punishment Relson will face. According to reports in Brazil, officers believe the origin of the drugs may be from America. If it is found that Gracie brought drugs into the country, the 66-year-old could face a sizable custodial sentence.