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Video: MMA student tackles ‘disorderly male’ at CVS pharmacy, holds him for police

An MMA student tackled a man inside a pharmacy after an alleged aggressive confrontation involving the store’s manager.

According to WUSA9 Marquise Brown, a mixed martial arts student at Washington D.C.’s Capital MMA & Elite Fitness, put his MMA training to use last week; outside of the cage.

That outlet reported that Brown was on his way to an MMA class when he stopped into a CVS pharmacy to buy some ice. On the way into the store Brown observed the store’s manager engaged in what looked like an argument with another man. Brown said he saw the man walk away after the manager closed the store’s door.

While shopping in the CVS Brown said he saw the man from earlier enter the store and continue his argument with the manager. Brown said the man appeared to be getting more aggressive with the manager before pulling out a black object that looked like a foldable knife.

“When I saw the black object, I thought I might need to get involved,” said Brown.

Video from inside the CVS shows the moment Brown rushed the man and took him to the ground. On the ground Brown pins the man and maintains control of him until police arrive on the scene.

After D.C. police arrived they took the man into custody. It was revealed then that the man did not have a knife, nor any other weapons. No weapons were found on the scene.

A public incident report stated that the “disorderly male” was “barred from the property and sent on way without further incident.”

After the incident Brown said, “We train every single day for stuff like this. I don’t really feel like a hero. I just hope it spreads awareness of learning how to protect yourself.”

The video of this incident can be viewed here (via WUSA9’s YouTube channel).