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Kavanagh: Conor McGregor vs Justin Gaethje at 170 would be ‘my personal preference’

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Conor McGregor vs. Justin Gaethje at 170-pounds? That’s what Jonn Kavanagh wants next.

After his win over Donald Cerrone, Conor McGregor’s coach wants to see him stay at welterweight, to fight Justin Gaethje.

Despite Gaethje never fighting at welterweight, McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh says he wants to see the matchup at 170-pounds. McGregor took on Cerrone in a welterweight fight at UFC 246, where he won by knockout in 40-seconds. Kavanagh is a fan of his fighter at this weight and wants to see him stay there for his next fight.

Talking on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, Kavanagh explained why it would be good for two lightweights like McGregor and Gaethje to fight welterweight next.

“Justin Gaethje at 170,” Kavanagh said. “That would be my personal preference … because he’s another lightweight. Neither of them have to cut weight and the goal – I’ll be careful with my words here – the kind of vision is to get that 155-pound belt back so it’s a step towards that.” (Transcription via MMA Junkie)

Barely having to cut any weight when he fights at welterweight and putting on an excellent performance against Cerrone, Kavanagh thinks it would be silly for McGregor to go back down to lightweight unless there was a title on the line.

“I don’t see the reason for him to cut weight unless there’s a significant – there has to be a belt on the line,” Kavanagh said. “Otherwise, why would he do it? So yeah, stay at this weight, don’t cut weight and then when the big one comes along, shed the last 15 pounds.”