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Video: Illegal UFC 246 stream cut after embarrassing text message appears on live feed

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An illegal streamer had to end their feed after a personal text message made it onto their broadcast.

For as long as the UFC has been popular, MMA fans have found creative ways to watch the fights without having to shell out for expensive pay-per-view and subscription fees.

A current trend in the world of MMA piracy — which BloodyElbow in no way supports or condones — involves using a Twitch account. Twitch is a popular platform used mostly by gamers. However, it is also used by individuals who want to share pirated material on their channels to gain views, followers and subscribers.

In 2017 one Twitch streamer made headlines by broadcasting UFC 218 on their channel, while pretending the action was part of a video game they were playing.

For this weekend’s UFC 246 event one streamer tried to broadcast the pay-per-view the old fashioned way; by simply playing the event on their computer and then screen capturing their desktop, sharing the video with anyone who viewed their channel.

However, that streamer’s plans were blown up by a push notification that displayed an embarrassing text over-top the video of UFC 246.

The text message read, “Denzel pressed charges on you so if you come around you’re getting [...] until court day. Give your uncle the house key now I’m coming to pick [...]” (h/t Game Rant).

The streamer, understandably, cut their feed soon after the personal message appeared. According to Game Rant this portion of the stream was clipped by a user who witnessed the incident live. The clip then found its way to a subreddit called LivestreamFail, where it was watched around 100,000 times.

The video has since been removed from that subreddit, but it can be viewed here (via