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McGregor calls out so-called MMA ‘experts’ following UFC 246: I have more than a left hand

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Conor McGregor feels he was heavily disrespected in the lead-up to UFC 229.

If Conor McGregor proved anything at UFC 246, it’s that he’s much more than a left hand.

‘The Notorious’ attacked Donald Cerrone with everything but the kitchen sink, landing head kicks, knees and even shoulder strikes before finishing ‘Cowboy’ with a barrage of ground-and-pound at 0:40 of the first round.

In fact, McGregor actually missed when he threw his signature left straight at Cerrone in the opening exchange, but that didn’t stop the former UFC dual-division champion from utilising all the other tools in his arsenal and silencing the critics who’ve branded him one dimensional.

McGregor had a message for those critics at the UFC 246 post-fight press conference: The Notorious is dangerous in all aspects of the game.

“You know they say I’ve just got a left hand,” McGregor said, per MMA Fighting. “They’ll have to say I’ve just got a left shoulder as well. A left hand and a left shoulder. The so-called experts of the game, when they’re breaking down my skillset, they’ll be saying I’m just a fighter with a left hand, which is highly disrespectful and uneducated.

“You’d be surprised at so many of the supposedly knowledgeable people, they’ll be claiming it as that. It’s a good shot in the clinch. You can really catch a man. I know I caught him the first one off-guard, and I caught him with one or two more and when we separated, the nose and the eye was busted.”

UFC 246 saw McGregor re-cement his status as the biggest star in the sport and perhaps the most well-rounded and dangerous striker in the featherweight, lightweight and welterweight divisions.