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Tyson Fury wants modified boxing match with UFC star, wearing MMA gloves in a cage

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Tyson Fury thinks a crossover bout with a UFC star would be “very interesting.”

Conor McGregor v Donald Cerrone Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Tyson Fury has teased an MMA debut in the past, with Dana White also stating that the heavyweight boxing champion is really “interested in fighting” a UFC star. “The Gypsy King” was also in attendance for UFC 246 this past weekend, where he reiterated his desire to step inside the Octagon... but under modified rules.

Instead of having a full-on boxing match or mixed martial arts contest, Fury suggests a mix of the two. He isn’t planning on competing in MMA, but is willing to give up some things to make it more interesting.

“I don’t want to go into an MMA fight, rolling around the floor and all that, no. But I would fight one of their champions in small gloves,” Fury told ESPN Radio. Maybe in a cage, but with boxing rules. I think that would be very interesting. ... With UFC gloves, the little 4-ounce gloves, that would be good for me.

”After I beat Deontay Wilder next month, I’m going to have a sit-down with Dana [White] and we’re going to go for it, run some numbers and see if the fight makes sense. Whoever’s available from that side, and whoever’s willing to get their ass kicked in the cage by the heavyweight champion of the world, he’s the one I want.”

Fury is set to rematch Wilder on February 22. Apart from this UFC crossover, Fury also has plans for a possible appearance at Wrestlemania after the boxing match.

There’s also been some back and forth between Fury and UFC champ Stipe Miocic, where both have expressed interest in a boxing match.