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MMA SQUARED, Stories of 2019: The Reinvention of Colby Covington

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Like him or not, the man finally found his way.

There are so many fighters whose notability will never measure up to their fighting ability. Colby Covington found his siren song by deciding that antagonism would be the machete that cut a swath through the media jungle, and that road did lead to a title fight.

The year started off rough with Covington being passed over for a title shot versus Tyron Woodley.

Going back through the year I was surprised to see that Covington didn’t fight Robbie Lawler until August. It felt like he was always coming up in the news, but he never set foot in the cage for the first seven months of the year.

I made this cartoon of him and Dana in January. JANUARY! He must have been talking some awful smack.

He cut a vile promo on Matt Hughes after the Lawler win, which endeared him to... no one?

He was rumored to headline the annual NYC card at MSG which felt like a perfect fit for his heel routine.

Time and again, his bouts were scuttled and a new rivalry emerged between him an Dana White.

Covington did manage to finally reap the reward he sought: headlining the big year-end show, and he capitalized in spectacular fashion putting in a fantastic effort versus Kamaru Usman. The feud with Dana White even took on a strange tone that made me question its legitimacy.

I know lots of people hope that the UFC books him on prelims in Zagreb or Uberlandia, but as a cartoonist, he is a gift. The hat & glasses, the blazer and the old style interim belt. I love drawing that ensemble and I truly hope this is not the end of Colby Covington.

Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you next week.