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UFC 246 results: Holly Holm takes lackluster decision over Raquel Pennington in rematch

Holly Holm just took another decision win over Raquel Pennington in the UFC 246 co-main event.

UFC 246: Holm v Pennington Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

In the UFC 246 co-main event, the promotion’s #3 ranked women’s bantamweight, Holly Holm, took a dry unanimous decision over the #5 ranked, Raquel Pennington. There was a ton of clinching, few wow moments, and that was about it. The fight was far from exciting, but gets Holm back into the winning bracket nonetheless.

The fighters met in the middle and started to feel out one another. Pennington closed the distance but it was Holm who pressed her against the cage. They jockeyed for position with a lot of hand fighting going on. Pennington just couldn’t get her back off of the cage and ate a few strikes here and there.

Holm closed the distance again in the second round, pinning Pennington’s back up against the fence. Rocky was able to reverse the position a few times, but Holm kept regaining the position. Pennington finally freed herself after delivering some nice knees, but Holm quickly brought the fight right back to where it was.

The fight stayed in open space for a lot longer time in the final round, but nothing much really happened. The fight did return to the cage, but quickly went back to open space. Pennington hit a super short takedown, which brought the bout back to the fence. The crowd was not too thrilled. Not much happened for the rest of the fight.

Holly Holm def. Raquel Pennington by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Bantamweight