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UFC 246 results: Diego Ferreira submits Anthony Pettis in round two

Diego Ferreira submitted former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis on the UFC 246 main card.

Opening up the UFC 246 main card, Diego Ferreira pulled out a second-round submission on the promotion’s #11 ranked lightweight, Anthony Pettis. Ferreira brought the pressure early and often, working his takedowns and control. Come round two, Ferreira worked his way into a position to snag a rear-naked choke and forced Pettis to tap. Ferreira has now won six-straight, and should likely have a number next to his name come Monday.

As expected, Ferreira pressured forward but Pettis was able to address it well. Ferreira took the back standing and cleverly used the cage to push off and take the fight to the floor. Pettis managed to escape and make it back to his feet, but the pressure of Ferreira remained. Ferreira closed the distance in the second act and got himself a takedown against the fence. He locked down top position and worked his way to the back. Ferreira worked for a rear-naked choke, and it didn’t seem locked in fully, but the squeeze proved to be too much and Pettis tapped.

This is the first submission loss of Pettis’ career, and he’s now 4-8 since his win over Gilbert Melendez back in 2014.

Diego Ferreira def. Anthony Pettis by submission (RNC) at 1:46 of round 2: Lightweight