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UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cowboy prelims live results, discussion, play by play

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Live, blow-by-blow updates for today’s UFC 246 preliminary card from Vegas.

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play as UFC 246 goes down in T-Mobile Arena in Vegas.

The main event will be a welterweight contest between the returning Conor McGregor and veteran stalwart Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. The co-main is a rematch five years in the making, with former champ Holly Holm meeting Raquel Pennington.

This post will cover the preliminary portion of the card. The featured bout on the prelims will see rising prospect Maycee Barber facing off with Roxanne Modafferi.

We’ll start on Fight Pass and ESPN+ at approximately 7pm ET with two fights. The card then moves to ESPN at 8pm ET for four more bouts, then onto the main PPV card at 10pm ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. The main card and main event will be covered in separate posts.

Roxanne Modafferi vs. Maycee Barber

Round 1 - Barber with a lead right. Modafferi with her own. Roxy clinches but can’t do anything with it. Modafferi with another right. Another. A fourth, and a takedown. Barber not off to a good start. Roxy is working in half, but has stalled out. Halfway through the round. Roxy almost passes to side but can’t. They have gradually moved over to the fence. Barber is looking for an arm-in guillotine. Modafferi gets her head out with a minute to go. Roxy out to side. She mounts with 20 seconds to go. Barber gives up her back, and ends up on top. Way too late though. 10-9 Modafferi.

Round 2 - Jab from Roxy drops Barber immediately! Upkick from Barber lands. Modafferi jumps into side control. Barber may have hurt her knee. Modafferi looks for a crucifix. Mount, with 3:30 to go. Roxy dropping some punches. Modafferi is up high now. Elbows, but Barber reverses and she’s on top. Barber is cut from an elbow though. Forearm shiver from Barber. Big left from Barber! Roxy looks for an armbar, briefly. Modefferi sweeps into mount! Roxy looks for an arm triangle. Barber is a bloody mess. Maycee looking for a kimura. Knee to the belly from the bottom from Barber. Modafferi changes sides. 10-9 Modafferi.

Round 3 - The doc checks Barber’s knee. Very weird. She’s allowed to continue. Superwoman punch from Barber. Modafferi lands hard. Modafferi drags her down and she screams in pain. Yikes. Modafferi just sits in half against the cage. Barber reverses! She’s tough! She’s in half, trying to land elbows. Modafferi can’t get out from underneath. Elbows from Barber. Modefferi scoots and has Barber in a front headlock. They stall out. Barber just hasn’t got much left. 10-9 and 30-27 Modafferi.

Roxanne Modafferi defeated Maycee Barber via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Andre Fili vs. Sodiq Yusuff

Round 1 - Fili walks straight forward. They both land big shots right away. Huge combos! Fili goes to the jab. They trade low kicks. Jab from Yusuff. Fili is wobbled by a couple of Yusuff lefts. Front kick from Yusuff. Fili’s eye is swollen. Fili with a body kick and he looks for a takedown. He lands an elbow on the break. Fili jabs. They trade jabs. Fili is really going to it. Fili ducks under and gets a brief takedown. Nice counter left from Fili. They trade low kicks again. Fili shoots for another takedown but he can’t hold Yusuff down. Yusuff with two jabs. They trade big shots again! And Fili gets a takedown. Again, Yusuff is up right away though. Yusuff with a kimura reversal and he’s on top. Fili looks for an armbar. Yusuff just dumps him off. Yusuff steps over into half and lands some big shots. 10-9 Yusuff.

Round 2 - Fili with a left. Yusuff with a low kick. Fili with a hard kick but Yusuff trips him to the mat. He works his way into half and lands hard to the body. He gradually moves his way to side control. He lands a couple of knees to the body. Fili can’t buck him off. Yusuff goes back to half and lands some lefts. Yusuff scrambles back to side. Total control halfway through the round. Knee on belly. Back to half. Yusuff backs out and Fili looks for upkicks. Yusuff stacks him and pushes his way back into side. Knee on belly, now mount. 1:15 to go. Fili uses the cage to push Yusoff off Fili shoots but can’t keep Yusuff down. Fili holds him against the cage. 10-9 Yusuff.

Round 3 - They trade jabs. Fili with a head kick. Solid left from Fili. Low kick from Yusuff, another left from Fili. Yusuff with a right and a jab. Yusuff with another right. Yusuff with a counter right. Low kick from Yusuff. Fili stepping up his volume. Body kick from Fili. 1:45 to go. Yusuff misses with a head kick. Both land lefts. Fili with a hard right. Fili shoots late. 10-9 Fili but 29-28 Yusuff.

Sodiq Yusuff defeated Andre Fili by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Tim Elliott vs. Askar Askarov

Round 1 - Elliott with a side kick. Elliott looks to slap Askarov. Low outside leg kick. Askarov with a three-punch combination. Hard low kick. Elliott wit ha counter left. Head kick from Askarov is barely blocked. Askarov with another combo. Elliott is smiling at him. Askarov with a counter right and had Elliott on chicken legs! He recovers very quickly though. Askarov ends up on top. Askarov applying a lot of pressure from the to top. Elliott with some elbows from the bottom. Elbow from the top from Askarov. Big hammerfists. 10-8 Askarov.

Round 2 - Askarov comes out throwing bombs right away. Elliott hits a beautiful throw! He looks for a guillotine but Askarov gets back up. They battle in the clinch. Askarov is on his back for a bit but Elliott squirms away. The right scores for Askarov. He lands to the body. Big right hook. Elliott throws him down again, but only for a second. A third time! He finally establishes top position, and Askarov immediately attacks an armbar! Elliott passes to side to avoid it. Askarov regains half. Askarov back up with 40 seconds to go, and eats a right. They trade punches. Elliott shoots, but there’s nothing there. Askarov looks for a late takedown. 10-9 Elliott.

Round 3 - Jab from Askarov. Hard inside leg kick from Askarov. Elliott waves him on. Elliott with a left. Two rights from Askarov. Askarov with an uppercut, Elliott with some body work. Two good knees as well. Nice combo from Askarov. Elliott pressing with leg kicks. Askarov fires back. Elliott walking forward with his hands down. They’re brawling. Rights land from Askarov. Elliott with two good shots. Two minutes to go. Askarov with a low kick and a right. They trade lefts. Elliott is frustrated. He hasn’t put his hands up in over a minute, and hes eating punches. He’s landing back to the body though. Big right from Askarov. Elliott shoots but there’s nothing there. Elliott bullrushes a takedown. There is some confusion over the last 20 seconds, as Elliott looked to just stop. Either way, 10-9 and 29-27 Askarov.

Askar Askarov defeated Tim Elliott via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Drew Dober vs. Nasrat Haqparast

Round 1 - Lots of movement early. Low kick from Haqparast. Nice combo from Haqparast. Both men off balance a bit. Dober sits down on a couple of punches. Low kick from Haqparast but Dober drops him with a left at the same time! He jumps on him and pounds him out, after a bit of a delay from the referee who didn’t seem to want to stop it.

Drew Dober defeated Nasrat Haqparast via KO (strikes), 1:10 of round 1

Aleksa Camur vs. Justin Ledet

Round 1 - Camur spins right away. Camur with an inside leg kick and he misses with a big shot. Ledet with a jab. Camur with a question mark kick.Body kick. Ledet misses with a big shot. Camur eats a left hook. Camur scores with a combo. Ledet with a counter right. Body shot from Camur. Ledet with a counter right. Camur clinches. He lands a right on the break. Inside leg kick from Camur. Camur spins and misses. Nice duck under into a left hook from Camur. Ledet with a left. Camur spins and misses again. They both land. 10-9 Camur.

Round 2 - Camur spins. Nothing doing. Ledet with a long right. Camur chases but gets nothing going. Ledet with a knee to the body.Ledet with a nice combo to the head and body. Two leg kicks from Camur. Camur clinches again, but not for long. Knee from Ledet. Counter left from Ledet. Inside leg kick from Camur and he digs to the body. Ledet with a nice counter. Left counter again. Camur with a hard right. Knee to the body and a right to the body from Camur. Ledet with a straight right.Ledet flurries. Ledet pops Camur with two jabs. Short left from Ledet. Camur gets in close and lands a knee and an elbow. Another elbow and a combo from Camur. Knee to the belly. 10-9 Camur.

Round 3 - Counter left from Ledet right away. Ledet just misses with a big shot. Camur spins and misses. Jabs from Ledet. The pace has slowed. Ledet missing more. Jab from Camur.Ledet with a huge left counter as Camur was scoring to the body. Camur clinches. They separate halfway through the round. Short left hook from Ledet. A lot of circling now, and misses punches. Ledet with a right. Body kick from Camur. Ledet with a jab and a long straight right. Camur with a late takedown. 10-9 Ledet but 29-28 Camur.

Aleksa Camur defeated Justin Ledet via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Sabina Mazo vs. JJ Aldrich

Round 1 - Mazo takes the center. Aldrich wades in with a combo. They trade low kicks. Aldrich with a lead left. Aldrich with a left, then a right as Mazo threw a kick. Body shot from Mazo. Straight left from Aldrich. Front kick from Mazo. Another straight left from Aldrich. Mazo with a jab. Counter right from Mazo. Inside leg kick from Aldrich. Mazo with another. Aldrich throws two well-timed lefts. Yet another straight left. Head kick from Mazo is blocked. Body shot from Aldrich. Jab from Mazo. 10-9 Aldrich.

Round 2 - Aldrich comes out firing right away. Aldrich with the lead left. They trade from range. Mazo with two short shots. Aldrich with a stiff left. Body kick lands for Mazo. Combo from Aldrich, body kick from Mazo. Leg kick from Mazo. Aldrich goes low and high. Low kick from Mazo. Aldrich circling more. Step-in knee from Mazo. They trade again in the center. Inside leg kick from Mazo. Aldrich with a big left! A right lands too. Mazo with a body kick. Counter right scores for Aldrich. Mazo misses with a kick. Mazo’s nose is bleeding. Aldrich lands a left but Mazo clinches and lands a few knees. Aldrich pulls away. Head kick from Mazo! 10-9 Aldrich.

Round 3 - Mazo clinches and looks for a takedown. Knees to the belly. Aldrich finally gets some space. She lands a left. Mazo with an outside leg kick. Straight right from Mazo.Aldrich not moving as much. Mazo with another knee. She clinches and lands two more knees! Aldrich looks hurt. Mazo with a short right against the fence. Another knee from Mazo. They stall out in the clinch. They trade knees. The ref separates them with 1:20 to go. Aldrich showing some urgency. She lands a hard left. Mazo fires back.Mazo with a counter left that lands. Aldrich kicks high and scores with a left. Mazo with the Thai clinch and a hard knee. Aldrich circles out. Mazo with a few leg kicks. 10-9 Mazo but 29-28 Aldrich.

Sabina Mazo defeated JJ Aldrich via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)