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UFC 246 final betting odds: Conor McGregor favored to KO ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone

Check out the final bettings odds for UFC 246, where Conor McGregor is favored to knockout Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in the main event.

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It’s fight day for the UFC’s first event of 2020! UFC 246 kicks off tonight from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada - capped off with action fight Conor McGregor vs. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

In the main event, it is the returning McGregor who is the odds on favorite to get the win here, with Cowboy left to pony up as the underdog. At a cost of -315, bettors can acquire McGregor straight up, and at a value of +285, Cerrone can be scooped up. For the record, McGregor’s last win came in November of 2016, and Cowboy has fought eleven times since then, going 5-6 during that span.

The over/under for this 25-minute headliner has been set at 1.5 rounds. The ‘Over’ owns a favored line of -147, with a +132 comeback on the ‘Under.’ The bookies definitely don’t foresee this match lasting all five-rounds. The prop bet ‘Fight doesn’t go to decision’ is monstrously favored, clocking in at a whopping moneyline of -650. Going back the other way, the prop ‘Fight goes to decision’ is a heavy underdog option at +440.

So, if this bout is to end early, which fighter will be the one to do it? Well, as far as the oddsmakers are concerned, it is Conor that will be scoring a finish. The exotic bet ‘McGregor wins inside distance’ can be had at a favored cost of -225, with ‘Not McGregor inside distance’ at an underdog tick of +175. The same lines for Cowboy has ‘Cerrone wins inside distance’ at +370 and ‘Not Cerrone inside distance’ at -510.

If Conor is to get the finish, will it be in his traditional knockout fashion? The bet-setters seem to think so as they favor the Irishman by KO. The prop ‘McGregor wins by TKO/KO’ is strongly favored at -210, with ‘Any other result’ underdogging at +160. When it comes to Cowboy scoring the knockout, the bookies are much less expectant of such. ‘Cerrone wins by TKO/KO’ comes with a massive underdog line of +720, with ‘Any other result’ trending at staggering -1530.

Cowboy does get some of the bookies’ respect when it comes to submissions. ‘Cerrone wins by submission’ is sitting at an underdog value of +580, with ‘Any other result’ favored at -1140. As for Conor, his sub line is much, much larger. ‘McGregor wins by submission’ registers at an insane dog tag of +3500, with ‘Any other result’ astronomically favored at -13500.

Online betting site has a bunch of interesting propositions when it comes to McGregor vs. Cerrone. You can bet on things like ‘First fighter to visibly bleed,’ ‘Time of Bruce Buffer intro to fight,’ ‘Will either fighter lose consciousness?,’ and more. Check out this list of exotics for the UFC 246 main event:

Who will Conor McGregor call out at UFC 246?

Khabib Nurmagomedov +110

Jorge Masvidal +200

Kamaru Usman +600

Floyd Mayweather +800

Nate Diaz +1200

Mann Pacquiao +1500

Total f-bombs Conor McGregor says after fight

Over 1.5 -140

Under 1.5 +100

Will Conor McGregor wear official UFC/Reebok walkout t-shirt?

Yes -1000

No +500

Will Conor McGregor bring an Irish flag into the cage?

Yes -5000

No +2000

Will Donald Cerrone bring an American flag into the cage?

Yes -120

No -120

First fighter to visibly bleed

Conor McGregor +200

Donald Cerrone -260

First fighter to touch the mat with body part besides feet

Conor McGregor -120

Donald Cerrone -120

Will either fighter lose consciousness?

Yes +500

No -1000

Will the fight go the distance?

Yes +450

No -600

Time of Bruce Buffer intro to fight

Over 2 min 40 seconds -115

Under 2 min 40 seconds -125

When will the fight end?

1st Round +100

2nd Round +325

3rd Round +700

4th Round +1000

5th Round +1400

Goes the distance +450

Round Betting:

Conor McGregor wins in 1st Round +170

Conor McGregor wins in 2nd Round +325

Conor McGregor wins in 3rd Round +700

Conor McGregor wins in 4th Round +1200

Conor McGregor wins in 5th Round +2200

Donald Cerrone wins in 1st Round +1200

Donald Cerrone wins in 2nd Round +1200

Donald Cerrone wins in 3rd Round +1600

Donald Cerrone wins in 4th Round +1600

Donald Cerrone wins in 5th Round +2000

Draw +5000

Check out the UFC 246 betting odds, courtesy of

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