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UFC 246 video: Embedded, part 4 - ‘That’s one hell of a coat, Donald’

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Check out the fourth episode of Embedded for UFC 246.

UFC 246 is almost here, and as usual, Embedded is here as well. The show that gives you an inside look at the marquee contestants on PPVs has issued the fourth episode for this weekend’s big show in Vegas, and it serves as a brief introduction to the fighters at the top of the card.

We start off at UFC Apex with Conor McGregor. He talks to the media about his fight with Donald Cerrone. He’s laughing at a couple of the questions. He has no ill will with Cerrone, but wants to finish him quickly. He’s excited to fight.

Raquel Pennington does a light workout with her coach and Tecia Torres. Her coaches talk about the fight with Holly Holm. Back at Apex in the morning, Holm is doing some media. She walks by the wall with all the TUF jerseys, and comments on how many of the coaches have been teammates of hers.

Press conference time. Conor jokes about being there earlier than Dana White for once. Cowboy and Conor make their way out. McGregor is very respectful of Cerrone, but he says he’s gonna KO him. They go back and forth about Cerrone’s coat in humorous fashion. McGregor is coming across as quite humble, for Conor at least. Cerrone is happy that he’s finally getting what he deserves. He’s revved up. They shake hands and square up for a face-off.

And that’s it! UFC 246 goes down tomorrow night in Sin City.