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Jorge Masvidal gets trolled: ‘Hey, I’m sorry’ for KO-ing your dad, Ben Askren

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UFC featherweight Chase Hooper spent some time interviewing fighters for UFC 246 fight week, and couldn’t resist having some fun at Jorge Masvidal’s expense.

As often as not, pulling off the perfect prank is all about being in the right place at the right time, and then having the guts to go for it. For UFC featherweight newcomer Chase Hooper, who found himself pulling some media day interview duty during UFC 246 fight week, the chance to troll ‘BMF’ champ and welterweight top contender Jorge Masvidal was too good to pass up.

Hooper and Askren have had jokes about their seemingly familial resemblance for a minute now over on Twitter.

An opportunity to speak to Masvidal face-to-face meant he could finally confront the man who KO’d his “dad.”

“What!? Hey, I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean to, bro.” Masvidal told Hooper after being asked, “Why’d you do that to my dad?” by the Dana White’s Contender Series alumnus.

Masvidal then asked if Askren was really Hooper’s father, and looked notably relieved to find out he wasn’t. Now we just need to find someone who looks enough like Darren Till for Masvidal’s next public Q&A session.