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PETA fires back at ‘cowards’ McGregor and Cerrone; Cowboy responds

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PETA fired back at UFC 246 headliners, and Cerrone issued a response shortly after.

During the UFC 246 pre-fight conference, some of the friendly banter between the headliners were about Donald Cerrone’s snakeskin coat, which Conor McGregor complimented.

“I’m sure PETA might be here because I got rattlesnakes on and python,” Cerrone said.

“They have a warrant out for me as well, PETA, they’re coming for me, too,” McGregor responded. “I used to rock the python shoes, when I done the Ultimate Fighter with Urijah Faber. It’s a good skin. We don’t want trouble with PETA, although they’re a shady crowd as well.”

Sure enough, PETA did fire back after, calling both UFC fighters cowards.

“Hi @TheNotoriousMMA and @CowboyCerrone!” PETA wrote on twitter. “You’re right! We ARE here—to remind you that only COWARDS would brag about wearing an animal who was likely beaten & skinned alive. Why don’t you knock out your insecurities and only wear your OWN skin?”

Cerrone has since responded, talking to MMA Junkie about PETA’s comments.

“Man, I guess if killing humans was legal I could probably wear a bad-ass human jacket,” Cerrone said. “I got a white buffalo at home, PETA. And when she crokes, I’m going to wear a (expletive) (expletive)ass white buffalo cape one of these days. At the ranch I have a lot of animals: turkeys, goats, chickens, pigs. We kill them and butcher them, and we eat them all ourselves, man. We use every bit of them. So it’s not like – I don’t just go down to the store and buy beef. We raise it and kill it and eat it. So, if there’s something inhumane or unjust about killing beef for my own sake, PETA, you’re (expletive) up.

“Granted, I didn’t kill the snake or raise the snake to build a python jacket, but goddammit it was (expletive) cool, so I had to wear to it.”