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Miesha Tate believes legal troubles are ‘taming’ Conor McGregor

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Former UFC champion Miesha Tate shares her thoughts on Conor McGregor’s non-brash attitude ahead of UFC 246.

Conor McGregor’s attitude ahead of his UFC 246 fight against Donald Cerrone is a stark contrast to what he had shown since he rose to mainstream superstardom six years ago. In place of the loud trash talk was nothing but respect shown towards “Cowboy”, as seen during their press conference this week.

For former UFC champion Miesha Tate, this different side of McGregor could be partly connected to his legal troubles throughout 2019.

“I think it’s partially why we’re seeing the taming of Conor,” Tate said recently on MMA on SiriusXM (transcript by “I don’t think you can have those kind of allegations and still come across as brash and immature and that he doesn’t care.

“He’s showing a more sentimental, like a softer side. He’s showing a compassionate side. I think when you have those allegations looming over your head, it’s got to scare you a little bit and it’s got to humble you a little bit. Not just the loss but the type of things that Conor has done, those are bigger stories than his fight career has been.”

Tate, however, believes, that “The Notorious” of old will be back in full swing if he gets through Cerrone.

“If he beats Cowboy, I think whoever he fights he will slowly start to integrate his trash-talking again because the brand will have made some turnaround,” she said. “But right now, he’s smart. This is exactly how he needs to handle his comeback and I think he needs to be candid and open, and continue as he has been with the story of Conor McGregor and his comeback.”

UFC 246 will take place on Saturday, January 18 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.