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Dana White: UFC-Reebok deal ‘ended up being an absolute home run’

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Dana White has been nothing but satisfied with the UFC-Reebok deal

Throughout the majority of the UFC’s existence, fighters held the freedom to banner their respective apparel sponsors. Along with that came the extra revenue they earned from the brand names they supported.

That all changed in 2014, when the UFC decided to have Reebok as their major apparel sponsor. Fighters weren’t happy about it, to say the least, but company president Dana White is completely satisfied with this deal they put in place.

“It ended up being an absolute home run,” White told TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter of the UFC-Reebok deal (transcript by “I love the look, I love the feel of everything that we’ve done with Reebok and uniforms are here to stay.

“Adidas owns Reebok,” he added. “We’ve had a great relationship with Reebok, it’s been good, it’s been good for us, it’s been good for the fighters, and obviously it’s been very good for television. It looks a lot better, cleaner, and we’ll see what the future holds when the deal is up.”

The six-year deal between Reebok and the UFC will lapse sometime this year.