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The MMA Vivisection - UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cerrone MAIN CARD picks, odds, & analysis

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Zane Simon & Connor Ruebusch are back to breakdown this week’s UFC event in Las Vegas, NV. With picks and odds for every fight on the Main Card. From Conor McGregor vs. Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone in the UFC 246 main event, down to Anthony Pettis vs.Diego Feirrera in the main card opener.

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The UFC 246 PPV is a bit of a mixed bag. More than anything Conor McGregor’s presence is casting a wide shadow. In part, his 2019 has brought a series of legal troubles with it. And subsequently, it kind of feels like this main card is just a way for the UFC to try and lever one of their biggest stars back into the mainstream as an athlete, rather than a PR liability. Donald Cerrone is exactly the right amount of notable, dangerous, and great stylistic matchup to get McGregor a meaningful victory to start out the year. And the rest of the main card is largely built around the idea that fans are already showing up to watch McGregor, so what’s under him doesn’t have to be that meaningful.

That said, the prelims are honestly pretty fun. And for fans interested in diving deeper into the UFC 246 undercard, they can check out our PRELIMS VIVI right over here, or in the player below...

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Check out the Main Card bout order for UFC 246, as it stands right now:

Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone - 2:59, Odds 22:07
Holly Holm vs. Raquel Pennington II - 22:04, Odds 29:30
Alexey Oleinik vs. Maurice Greene - 29:49, Odds 34:46
Cláudia Gadelha vs. Alexa Grasso - 35:38, Odds 46:35
Anthony Pettis vs. Diego Ferreira - 47:33, Odds 57:58

Check out our Preview of the PRELIMS portion of the card from yesterday’s show right here:

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