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Kamaru Usman: Jorge Masvidal isn’t deserving of title shot against me

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“There are guys that are more deserving [of a title shot]. Jorge Masvidal doesn’t have a win over anyone in the top six.”

Kamaru Usman wants to clear things up. The reigning UFC welterweight champion does know who Jorge Masvidal is, he just doesn’t think the BMF champ is deserving of a title shot, which is why Usman responded with ‘who?’ when asked if ‘Gamebred’ should be his next opponent.

Speaking to MMA Fighting earlier this week, ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ explained why Masvidal, despite being ranked in the top three and earning three-straight stoppage wins over Darren Till, Ben Askren and Nate Diaz, shouldn’t be in the title picture at all.

“He’s misunderstanding me,” Usman said. “He’s playing that angle that I’m saying I don’t know who he is. I know exactly who he is and I’ve given him props. That’s the one thing about me, I’m not a hater in any way, shape, form or fashion. I give respect where respect is due. Him fighting, yeah, I know him fighting but when they brought up you fight Jorge Masvidal next I’m like ‘who?’

“There are guys that are more deserving [of a title shot]. Jorge Masvidal doesn’t have a win over anyone in the top six. Does not have a win over anybody in the top six. I’ve beaten five of the top six guys in the division. That’s why I said that.”

Usman went on to claim that former UFC welterweight and middleweight champ Georges St-Pierre would be more deserving of a title shot if he were to come out of retirement.

“He’s putting out that video saying I don’t know who he is. I absolutely know who he is. There’s just guys who are absolutely more deserving,” Usman said. “You’re telling me right now if Georges St-Pierre comes back, he’s not more deserving of that title shot than Jorge Masvidal? Absolutely he gets it.

“Of course I know who he is, but as far as him going out there with these antics like he’s more than deserving of a title shot, that he’s above a title shot. That’s why he’s talking about me and I don’t necessarily have to talk about him. People are asking me about the things he’s said.”

Usman, who beat Colby Covington to defend his welterweight title at UFC 245, wouldn’t reveal his next opponent but the Hard Knocks 365 product says it’s good to finally be in the driver’s seat and not have to beg the UFC for fights.

“All of them, they’re playing in a sweepstakes to fight me. That’s all it is. That’s a beautiful place to be because now I don’t have to go beg and call him out on Instagram or Twitter. All I have to do is stay put and the fights will come to me.”

Usman is on an impressive 15-fight win streak and, as well as being welterweight champ, is currently ranked #8 in the official UFC pound-for-pound rankings.