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Manager says Carlos Condit suffered a ‘common injury,’ expects 2020 return

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Manager Abe Kawa gives a brief update on Carlos Condit’s status.

Even after racking up five straight losses beginning in 2016, Carlos Condit’s career doesn’t seem to be over just yet. That is at least according to his manager Abe Kawa.

Kawa, who also handles the likes of Jorge Masvidal, Demetrious Johnson, and Anthony Pettis, gave a brief update on “The Natural Born Killer” in a recent interview with

“He’ll be OK,” Kawa said of Condit. “I don’t want to say what happened, or didn’t happen but he will absolutely be OK. It’s a common injury, so it’s nothing crazy. He’ll be fine.

“That’s one guy that is born ready to fight,” he added. “He’s good. He’ll be back, ready to fight. He’ll be back in 2020.”

The 35-year-old Condit (30-13, 7-9 UFC) was scheduled to face Mickey Gall last December, but was forced to pull out due to an undisclosed injury. He last competed at UFC 232 in December 2018 against Michael Chiesa, where he lost via second round submission.