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Dustin Poirier calls for 165-pound division: ‘I’d never cut to 155 ever again’

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Dustin Poirier is adamant about a 165-pound division in the UFC.

Throughout his decade-long career, Dustin Poirier jumped around between featherweight and lightweight. He made his UFC debut in 2011 at 145 pounds, then jumped back up to 155 pounds in 2015.

“The Diamond” had a successful run at lightweight, winning the interim title last year. But apparently, making the weight has been a struggle for him.

In a recent series of tweets he posted, Poirier once again called for a new UFC division, preferably between the lightweight and welterweight divisions. He also promised to never cut down to 155 pounds anymore.

Poirier has been talking about a 165-pound division since his planned matchup against Nate Diaz at UFC 230 in 2018. The two fighters even made respective announcements about the supposed new weight class via Twitter, only to be shut down by UFC president Dana White himself.

The 30-year-old Lafayette native last competed at UFC 242 in September, when he aimed to unify the 155-pound belts against Khabib Nurmagomedov. He ended up losing via third-round submission.