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Jorge Masvidal says Kamaru Usman’s coaches know he’s a ‘bad motherf-cker’

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Jorge Masvidal says Kamaru Usman need only ask his coaches to confirm whether or not ‘Gamebred’ is a ‘bad motherf-cker’.

In case Kamaru Usman really doesn’t know who Jorge Masvidal is, ‘Gamebred’ told the reigning UFC welterweight champion to ask his coaches at Hard Knocks 365 (formerly Blackzilians) about him, then they’ll be no doubt as to who the ‘baddest motherf-cker’ in the UFC is.

“On a personal note, Usman’s coaches, training staff, a good amount of them were my graduating class from American Top Team before they split, and (then went to the) Blackzillians, and then whatever the gym is called now that they created with Henry Hooft and other individuals,” Masvidal said in an interview with Submission Radio. “Great gym and stuff, but that’s a part of what used to be American Top Team.

“So, his coaches know, his training partners know very well who I am, and he knows very well who I am. So, for him to say ‘who,’ it’s kind of like, I know why you’re saying ‘who,’ I know why you’re saying ‘who.’ The circle’s ain’t that big. We both know what time it is when we both get in there.”

“‘This guy Masvidal, it’s not rumors or myths, this guy is really a bad motherf*cker,’” he added said. “They knew I was a hard worker then. And I’m not exaggerating, a lot of guys that are even in his corner know very well who I am, and (that) this is my everything, how my work ethic is.”

Masvidal then blasted Usman for pursuing a title fight against Brit Leon Edwards rather defending his welterweight title against the ‘BMF champ.

“He better go keep asking for that other dude that nobody knows his name (Leon Edwards), that he already beat that’s ranked under me,” he joked. “That makes a lot of sense. The guy you already beat, yeah, that makes a lot of sense. The guy that you beat that’s ranked under me, you want to give him a title shot? That dude’s bananas, man.

“But you can’t blame him. He wants to hold onto that belt. Do your thing, man. I’m just a bully now. I’m just being this bully. Conor [McGregor] doesn’t want to fight, Usman doesn’t want to fight. What am I to do? Poor me.”

Masvidal, 35, is currently ranked #3 in the official UFC welterweight rankings and, after earning three straight stoppage wins over Darren Till, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz, has earned a reputation as the ‘baddest’ fighter in the game.