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Danis claims having Bellator ownership stake allowed him catchweight fights

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Dillon Danis explains the reason why he is once again fighting at a catchweight in his favor.

Dillon Danis’ first two fights at Bellator were fought at a 175-pound catchweight. The same deal is in place for his upcoming fight against Kegan Genrich at Bellator 238.

So how is Danis able to seemingly sway things in his favor? Here’s his answer.

“Why catchweight? Yeah because I mean, when you’re the owner, you can do what you want so why not make your own weight,” Danis told The Schmo (transcript by MMA Junkie). “Why do I have to go to everybody else’s weight class, when I can make my own weight class and have my own belt and do what I want so (expletive) everybody else.

“I just say it, and it happens. Just one text message from me.”

Danis also credits this proclaimed status as the reason why he gets to fight at the main card of Bellator events.

“Yeah I already had ownership stake,” he said. “Right when I came in, right when I signed, I said the only way I sign to Bellator is if I get ownership stake so that’s what I mean – Coker, he calls me his business partner, you don’t ever hear him say that about anyone else. I’ve been on the main card since every single one of my fights.”

Bellator 238 is scheduled to take place on January 25 at the Forum in Inglewood, California.