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Rampage to document weight loss journey: Believe it or not, I lost 20 lbs for Fedor fight

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Rampage Jackson called the loss a ‘wake up call’ and admits that his weight got too out of hand.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson said he “felt like a hippopotamus,” after weighing in at a career high 265 lbs and eventually getting knocked out by Fedor Emelienenko at the Bellator Japan event. He has vowed to drop back down to light heavyweight, where he found most of his career success, and now plans to document his weight loss journey.

The former UFC champion took to Instagram about it, calling the loss a “wake up call” and admitting that his weight really got out of hand. He says he was actually 20 lbs heavier before the fight.

“I wasn’t impressed with my performance (in my GSP voice) because I have to lose a lot of weight and finish my career strong. Coach Cal from the training lab fixed my medical condition, the only problem was i met him too late,” he wrote. “I won’t fight again until I’m walking around weight is at least 230lbs. My goal is to go back to 205. Believe it or not I lost 20lbs for the fight ‍♂️ but it wasn’t enough because I’m not a true heavyweight. I want to make my day one fans proud to ride with me again. it sucks to lose,but this fight was a wake up call.”

“Defeat is a hard pill to swallow... but it’s part of the job,” Rampage continued on a separate post. “Hate letting my people and fans down. Maybe this won’t be my last loss but it will be the last time I defeat myself. I’m gonna document my weight loss journey. If you feel uncomfortable with your weight do it with me. Tag me in your posts of you working out and eating clean.”

Rampage also managed to poke fun of his own situation, and reposted some memes that came out of his fight.

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I spit all my drank out on this one

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@thephotoshopsteve needs his ass kicked ‍♂️

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