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ADCC 2019 Results: Gordon Ryan wins double gold

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The biggest show in grappling has just went down and here are the results.

FloSports: FloGrappling ADCC World Championship Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Our friends over at covered all the highs and lows of the final day of ADCC. If you’d rather a full play-by-play you can check it out here, but if you’re just after the results, we’ve got you covered.

The story of the day was the dominance of Gordon Ryan, but a notable mention needs to go to Lachlan Giles, a 77kg athlete who scored submissions over the big guys in the absolute division and notably tapped the +99kg champion Kaynan Duarte.

Check out the full list of medal winners below:

Male 66kg ADCC 2019 Bracket

Augusto Mendes defeats Kennedy Maciel

Paulo Miyao wins 3rd via points

Male 77kg ADCC 2019 Bracket

JT Torres defeats Vagner Rocha 3×0

Gary Tonon wins 3rd by submission

Male 88kg ADCC 2019 Bracket

Matheus Dinis defeats Craig Jones in overtime

Josh Hinger wins 3rd via points

Male -99kg ADCC 2019 Bracket

Gordon Ryan defeats Vinicius Gazola via rear naked choke

Vinny Magalhaes was injured and could not compete. Lucas Barbosa wins bronze by default

Male +99kg ADCC 2019 Bracket

Kaynan Duarte defeats Nick Rodriguez via points

Buchecha and Cyborg have chosen not to compete. They will both be entering into the absolute division. There will be not bronze in this division.

Female -60kg ADCC 2019 Bracket

Bianca Basillio defeats Ffion Davies by toehold

Bia and Elvira are injured and cannot compete. There will be no bronze match. Elvira will possibly win bronze by default.

Female +60kg ADCC 2019 Bracket

Gabi Garcia defeats Carina Santi via kimura

Tayane Porfirio wins 3rd via points

Superfight: Andre Galvao vs Felipe Pena

Andre Galvao wins 2 x 0

Absolute Bracket

Gordon Ryan defeats Marcus Buchecha Almeida 0 – -1

Lachlan Giles wins 3rd via heelhook