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MMA SQUARED: Sweden weeps as Joker is mauled by Killa Gorilla at UFC Copenhagen

Jack Hermansson was having a breakout year while Jared Cannonier was reinventing himself. Someone’s heart was bound to break.

When I originally pitched this daily column to Kid Nate it was in the hopes I’d be able to draw fun stuff like this, chronicling the ins and out of the sport, making puns and exaggerated drawings like Bill Gallo, whose sports cartoons I read every day as a kid.

My first attempt was in 2016; writing, illustrating and self-publishing a column called The Quarterly Report. It was a decent idea, but I’ve split the needs for timeliness and artistry into two different ventures: MMA Squared here, and a fully illustrated and self-published book in early 2020.

Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


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