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Kenny Florian: ‘I don’t think it’s necessary’ for Daniel Cormier to fight again

Former UFC title contender and TUF 1 alum Kenny Florian no longer wants to see Daniel Cormier inside the UFC Octagon.

Daniel Cormier expected to remain the UFC heavyweight champion after UFC 241. Instead, he dropped the title to Stipe Miocic via fourth-round TKO, leaving him in doubt about a possible return.

“DC” did mention he still wants to get another win over Miocic and “right the wrong” of their rematch. But for TUF 1 veteran and former UFC title contender Kenny Florian, there is nothing left to prove, whether it’s against Miocic or long-time rival Jon Jones.

“I’m sure the UFC would like to see that (third Jon Jones fight),” Florian said during a recent episode of his podcast with Jon Anik (transcript by MMA News). “That’s a big money fight, always has been for them. Me particularly, I would not like to see that fight against Jon Jones. Especially with Jon Jones really pushing for that fight to be at 205 pounds. I think that is a huge advantage for Jon Jones with that fight being at light heavyweight. I don’t need to see that.”

“And I don’t need to see the Stipe Miocic rematch either, the trilogy fight,” he added. “I don’t need to see that. It’s gonna be interesting to see how ‘DC’ approaches this.

Florian understands how it is when fighters have a hard time to let go of their careers, especially if a good amount is put forward.

“The more difficult thing, it’s kind of easier to make a decision right after a fight. The problem is a couple of months removed from the fight when you start going, ‘I feel really good,’” Florian explained. “That loss starts to sting you a little more.

“That’s what concerns me for ‘DC.’ Especially when the phone starts ringing and they start talking about dollar signs. So ‘DC’ has enough money, he has preserved a tremendous legacy. He will go down as one of the best in the sport and I just don’t think it’s necessary.”

Unlike Florian, UFC president Dana White says Cormier shouldn’t retire just yet, and is open to make a trilogy fight against Miocic happen.