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Errol Spence vs. Shawn Porter results: Rounds 4-6 round by round results and recap

Get round by round recaps of Errol Spence vs. Shawn Porter here at Bloody Elbow. Here: rounds 4-6.

Errol Spence Jr v Shawn Porter - Press Conference Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The marquee fight for boxing this week is the PPV title unification fight between Errol Spence, Jr. and Shawn Porter. Both men are world champions, both looking for the biggest win of their career. Bloody Elbow has live fight night coverage all night. Here, we have round by round recaps of rounds 4-6.

Round 4: Big opening minute for Porter, who lands a ton of shots on Spence. Both are fighting inside and at a seriously high pace. Midway through the round, Porter lands a shot that seems to wobble Spence briefly. Porter getting wild and going for it on all his punches, but Spence isn’t quite able to capitalize on the defensive gaps Porter is creating for himself. Big round for Porter. 10-9 Porter

Round 5: Spence gets some of his counters in this round, while managing to get back to some more boxing from range at times. Porter still pressuring to get inside, but some nice footwork from Spence keep him safer at times. Porter looks like maybe he took a bit off that round. Close round, though I see Spence landing more. 10-9 Spence

Round 6: Porter pushing the pace again at the beginning of the round. They are back to inside fighting, with Spence again laying on and pushing Porter, drawing a warning from Jack Reiss. Porter doing a nice job spinning Spence and putting him in the corner where he can connect. Another tough to score round, though I continue to find more shots being landed by Errol Spence. 10-9 Spence

58-56 Spence through round 6

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