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Grappling Report: Dillon Danis and Keenan Cornelius withdraw from ADCC

A rundown of the biggest headlines and news from the world of competitive grappling.

ADCC week is finally here and as always there are some big name pull-outs.

The week’s woes started when a rumor began to circulate about a mysterious eye infection making its way around the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York. Keenan Cornelius had flown to NYC to finish his ADCC camp, but unfortunately he ended up being the biggest victim of the infection and pulled out. To ADCC’s credit, they announced a strong replacement with James Puopolo getting the shot on the world’s biggest stage.

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By the time fans had gotten over Cornelius’ disappointment withdrawal, there was another big announcement. Dillon Danis, perhaps the most polarizing man in BJJ, would too be pulling out and this drew a lot of criticism with F2W president Seth Daniels, who is working on ADCC this year, calling out Danis:

ADCC airs exclusively on subscription service, but there are play-by-plays elsewhere. We’ll be sure to fill you in on all the results throughout the weekend.


ADCC Diary Alec Baulding breaks down his road to ADCC and his preparations for the biggest grappling tournament in the world in this diary series. Baulding was relatively unknown before he won ADCC trials and that win has made him one of the fastest rising stars in the sport.

Edgy Brah BJJ superstar and icon Eddie Bravo sat down for an interview recently and had some interesting things to say about BJJ. Eddie let slip that his goal is no longer just MMA:“Once the sub only movement took off, that’s when I decided to focus a lot more on the sport aspect of jiu-jitsu. I revamped the system. Instead of just MMA jiu-jitsu, we had to really turn it up on the sport side as well.”

ADCC’s Oldest and Youngest: The good folks over at have broken down some interesting ADCC stats about who are the oldest and youngest champs in the history of ADCC.


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