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UFC Mexico video: Steven Peterson KOs Martin Bravo with epic spinning backfist

The UFC Mexico main card opened up with one of the best knockouts of 2019, courtesy of Steven Peterson.

The UFC Mexico main card began with a bang.

Featherweights Steven Peterson and Martin Bravo engaged in an entertaining, high-paced bout, but it was Bravo who was getting the better of Peterson for much of the contest. All of Peterson’s fortunes changed early in round two, as Bravo threw a spinning backfist that missed, but Peterson attempted the same strike and landed flush. Instant KO.

Watch below! I insist you watch it now.

Here’s our play-by-play of the finish:

Round 2 - Peterson comes out aggressively and throws a flying knee. Sharp right hand by Peterson, but he gets overly aggressive and Bravo ducks under and complets a takedown. Peterson regains his footing but eats a body kick and right hand along the way. Body kick by Bravo but a right hand from Peterson. Nice right hand from Bravo. HUGE SPINNING BACKFIST BY PETERSON AND BRAVO IS OUT COLD! MY GOODNESS! Bravo threw a spinning backfist and missed, Peterson countered with the same strike and wiped him out.

Official result: Steven Peterson def. Martin Bravo by KO (spinning backfist) at 1:31 of round 2