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Grappling report: ADCC tried to book Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre

A rundown of the biggest headlines and news from the world of competitive grappling.

One of the biggest failures the UFC has made in the modern era is not booking Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva.

When St-Pierre and Silva were in their prime, they were the best fighters on the planet and in the era of the super fight it’s sad that we never got to see the biggest champ vs. champ fight possible.

ADCC, like us fight fans, were disappointed that GSP vs. Anderson never happened and decided to try to finally get the pair to face off. ADCC head organizer Mo Jassim, sat down with Josh Hinger on the Matburn podcast and had some interesting details to release.

According to Jassim, he was close to booking St-Pierre vs. Silva (h/t but it fell through late in negotiations.

ADCC also nearly had former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold entering the -99KG division, but unfortunately he wasn’t cleared to train.


Gordon Ryan is set to take on former ADCC champ and current UFC fighter Rodolfo Vieira at 3rd Coast Grappling. Ryan, who is competing at ADCC this weekend would likely be a favorite if this match were to take place, but it remains to be seen if 3rd Coast can find a streaming partner after they split from Flo Grappling.

Submission Underground is a show that definitely is happening and their card is really interesting. They have booked Dean Lister vs. Craig Jones and Gordon Ryan vs. Gabriel Gonzaga. That Gordon Ryan sure does like to compete.

White belts finish quickly at least that’s what the data says. An interesting article on states that 85 percent of white belt matches end in under 3 minutes.


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