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UFC Vancouver video highlights: Justin Gaethje TKO’s Donald Cerrone

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Check out the full-fight video highlights of Justin Gaethje stopping Donald Cerrone in the UFC Vancouver main event.

The UFC Vancouver main event did not disappoint when the promotion’s #5 ranked 155-pounder Justin Gaethje knocked out the #4 ranked Donald Cerrone in the opening round. Gaethje got right to work with his leg kicks, which opened up his heavy hands. Cowboy was throwing back, but he just couldn’t withstand the sheer power that Gaethje brought to the table. Gaethje knocked down Cowboy with a right hand, and then as soon as Cerrone stood back up, he was dropped again. At that point it was academic. Gaethje was forced to followup with a set of ground strikes before the referee was willing to call off the match. This makes three-straight knockout wins for Gaethje, who in his post-fight speech expressed his want for a shot at the belt in his next outing.

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play from Donald Cerrone Justin Gaethje :

Round 1 - Front kick from Cerrone. Leg kicks from Gaethje. Gaethje ducks in a with a combo. Another leg kick from Gaethje. Left hook from Gaethje. They trade rights. Short combo from The Highlight. Leg kicks from Cerrone. Body kick. Gaethje with an uppercut and a left hook. Body shot. Gaethje drops Cerrone with a right! He pounds away and Cerrone is on his hand and knees! Gaethje lets up but the ref doesn’t stop it, so he jumps on him again and gets the finish.

Justin Gaethje defeated Donald Cerrone via TKO (strikes), round 1