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UFC Vancouver results: Duffee vs. Hughes ruled no contest, Cirkunov hits wicked Peruvian Necktie

Check out the results from the UFC Vancouver main card, including the wild yet odd ride that was Todd Duffee vs. Jeff Hughes.

The UFC Vancouver main card is in progress and the barnburner that was Todd Duffee vs. Jeff Hughes had an unfortunate anticlimactic ending. The big men were throwing down, and then an accidental eye poke to Duffee resulted in the doctor coming in and stopping the fight. Hopefully they just run it back in the near future.

In what started off as something that resembled a one-sided gymnastics competition, thanks to Michel Pereira, resulted in a practical decision win for Tristan Connelly. After enduring a couple of backflips, flying knees, and even a rolling thunder, Connelly stayed the course and used fundamentals to secure a huge win — on five days notice no less. What a UFC debut for Vancouver’s own.

In a clash of top-15 middleweights, the #12 ranked Uriah Hall out-struck the #13 Antonio Carlos Junior en route to a split decision. Hall has now won three of his last four bouts, and called out Israel Adesanya in his post-fight interview. Opening up the main card, the UFC’s #15 ranked light heavyweight, Misha Cirkunov, pulled off a wicked Peruvian Necktie on Jimmy Crute in the first round. This is Cirkunov’s fourth first-round finish within the UFC. In his post-fight interview, he called out the #7 ranked Corey Anderson, who is currently booked to face Johnny Walker at UFC 244 in November.

**See complete results below

Main card:

Todd Duffee vs. Jeff Hughes was ruled a no contest at 4:03 of round 1: Heavyweight

Duffee started swinging early before shifting gears and working his grappling. He backed off and the big men began to swing wildly, with both men landing. Just when Hughes clipped his opponent, Duffee responded and dropped Hughes. Duffee again dropped Hughes, but he somehow stood back top and kept throwing. An accidental eye poke brought this fast paced bout to a halt. The doctor came in and decided that the bout should be stopped. Talk about anti-climatic.

Tristan Connelly def. Michel Pereira by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27 x2): Welterweight

Pereira did a back flip as he chased down his opponent. Yeah, crazy right? Connelly shoved his foe against the cage for a moment, but Pereira got free and landed a rolling thunder. Then he landed a takedown. Then he jumped a guillotine. Connelly escaped and took top position but it was short-lived. He then jumped a few guillotines but was unsuccessful.

Pereira came out boxing for round two, attacking both the body and head. Connelly started to fire back, connecting and pushing the pace on a tiring Pereira. The fight went to the ground off of a Pereira takedown, and the pace slowed down quite a bit. Connelly did not return to his feet in that round. Connelly went for a takedown to start the final round, and then jumped a super-tight guillotine. Pereira exploded out of danger but was visibly gassed afterwards. Connelly worked his way into top position and stayed busy enough to avoid a standup. Pereira did not return to his feet.

**It should be noted that Pereira missed weight by one pound.

Uriah Hall def. Antonio Carlos Junior by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Middleweight

Hall busted open his foe right away, but Shoeface was quick to close the distance and take the back while standing. Hall remained calm and returned to open space. Shoeface was leaking from the nose at this point. The jab of Hall was jousting the face of his opponent, but Shoeface found a way on the inside to score a takedown, which he kept.

Shoeface started the second act by eating some more stiff jabs on his way on the inside. After failing to secure the takedown, Hall escaped into open space and dropped his opponent with a crisp cross. He tried to get the finish with ground strikes, but Shoeface recovered and returned to hunting for a takedown. Shoeface took the back within the first-minute fo the final round, and kept it until the bell sounded.

Misha Cirkunov def. Jimmy Crute by submission (Peruvian Necktie) at 3:38 of round 1: Light Heavyweight

Cirkunov was quick to blast a takedown and take top control. Crute struggled to improve his position until Cirkunov went for an armbar. Crute landed a hard knee before taking top position himself. All sorts of ground strikes came flying down, but Cirkunov hit an incredible sweep. He then locked up a gorgeous Peruvian Necktie and Crute was forced to tap. Wow!