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MMA SQUARED: ‘Congratulations, you played yourself’ - The ballad of Colby Covington and UFC 244

There is a deep irony in the way negotiations for the UFC 244 main event have played out (no pun intended).

What irony that Colby Covington could be viewed as a sympathetic character. He has done nothing but win fights against increasingly difficult competition for almost four straight years. On top of that, his interim title was stripped because he could not accommodate the UFC’s timetable to unify the belts against Tyron Woodley a year ago. But because his gimmick of alienating a swath of the fanbase has been so successful, two charismatic fighters are about to headline Madison Square Garden for a belt that the UFC is going to invent for just one night instead of Covington squaring off against Kamaru Usman for the actual welterweight title. Was it worth a trip to the White House? Would Covington lead the charge for a fighter’s union now that he’s been wronged? I’ve got my doubts.

Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


PS: Some folks have reached out saying they want to see my designs for a BMF belt. Drop some suggestions in the comments and let’s collaborate on this one.

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