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With longest camp ever, Geraldo Freitas ‘convinced’ he’ll get a stoppage at UFC Montevideo

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Featherweight Geraldo de Freitas wants to finish Chris Gutierrez at UFC Montevideo, on August 10.

Featherweight Geraldo de Freitas is ready to get the job done by any means necessary at UFC Montevideo. Expected to take on Chris Gutierrez during the card’s preliminary portion, the ‘Spartan’ sounds confident just two days ahead of their match.

In an interview with Bloody Elbow, Freitas reveals that part of his confidence comes from the fact that never had such a long camp to prepare for a fight. He says he’s more used to taking fights on dangerously short notice, such as one week or 10 days.

“My expectations are the best ones possible. I’m convinced I’m going to win, I’m very well prepared, everything went according to plan. I never had so much time to prepare for a fight. I had a full camp with my team, Nova Uniao. All I can think about is my victory. The most time I had to prepare for a fight was one month and half. Several times, I took fights on a week’s notice or 10 days. Just like my UFC debut (an unanimous decision win over Felipe Colares), I had 10 days to prepare when they called me. But that has happened other times before.”

However, the appropriate time to prepare is not the only factor that gives Freitas confidence and belief in a good result. Part of his confident demeanor also comes from a carefully construced gameplan, which Geraldo believes will nulify Gutierrez’s strong suit, his kicking arsenal, and give himself room to implement his own strategy.

“Gutierrez is a striker, he likes to kick. We have a good gameplan for him. He will likely try to avoid a ground battle, even though he isn’t bad on the ground. I still think he’ll try to avoid it and make use of his kicks. However, we constructed a good gameplan, we studied him a lot. Everything is in motion to eliminate that weapon of his. I can’t predict a result because I’m ready to knock him out, submit him and finish the fight in any sort of way. I believe I’ll beat him before the third round. I think I can finish this fight before it goes to a decision.”

Geraldo de Freitas is expected to take on Chris Gutierrez at UFC Fight Night 155, in Montevideo, Uruguay, on August 10. The card will be headlined by a female flyweight title fight between the champion, Valentina Shevchenko, and former bantamweight title challenger Liz Carmouche.