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MMA pro turned firefighter takes down man accused of trying to steal ambulance

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Diego Peclat faced off with a man armed with a knife outside of a Maryland hospital.


Diego Peclat, 35, moved to the US from Rio de Janeiro to further his MMA dreams. While training with the Blackzilians Peclat put together a five-year professional career with a record of 5-7-1.

His last fight was a TKO victory over Raymond Camp at Fight Time 28 on November 13th, 2015. Since then Peclat — who also has professional Muay Thai experience — has been working as a firefighter in Montgomery County, MD. However, it seems as though his new vocation still provides opportunities to put his MMA training to good use.

According to NBC Washington, Peclat was close to Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park on July 28th when he noticed a commotion around one of the hospital’s ambulances. On closer inspection Peclat noticed a man opening the door to the ambulance in what police are saying was an attempting vehicle theft.

Police say that man was Christopher Broadus, 27, who was a patient at the hospital and is suspected of assaulting a nurse prior to approaching the ambulance.

Peclat reportedly approached the ambulance and called out to Broadus, causing him to stop whatever he had planned. It is alleged that Broadus then started waving a knife in Peclat’s direction.

“I squared off with him,” said Peclat when recounting what happened next for NBC Washington. Peclat said he then told Broadus that he should put the knife away or else, “It’s going to get pretty bad for you.”

A scuffle then ensued between Peclat and Broadus. That ended — according to WJLA — with Peclat taking Broadus down to the ground. After police arrived to intervene, Peclat walked away from the scene with minor cuts on his right hand.

The former fighter told NBC that he wasn’t afraid of engaging with a knife-wielding individual. “I was close to the hospital,” he said. “If he stabbed me one time, it’s alright, I will be right there. They could help me.”

Broadus was charged with first-degree assault in connection to this incident.

When discussing the incident Pete Pringer, chief spokesperson for the Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service, said: “I like sandwiches, but I don’t like knuckle sandwiches. It looks like that’s what this guy probably got.”