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Two receive 10 year sentences for murder of MMA fighter Aaron Rajman

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Aaron Rajman was murdered in a home invasion in 2017.

Sixth person arrested in connection to 2017 murder of MMA fighter Aaron Rajman Must Love MMA / YouTube

Aaron Rajman, a pro fighter with a 2-3 record, was shot and killed during a home invasion on July 3rd, 2017 in West Boca, FL. He was 25-years-old.

According to The Sun Sentinel two of the three people charged in connection to Rajman’s death received 10-year jail sentences after pleading guilty to second-degree murder. Summer Church, 18, and Jace Swinton, 20, filed their pleas as part of a deal with prosecutors in Palm Beach County to ensure that charges of armed home-invasion robbery with a firearm would be dropped.

Church and Swinton have also received a sentence of 10-years of probation, to be completed after they are released from prison. Violation of that probation could result in a life-long jail sentence. Church and Swinton’s plea deal promises their cooperation with the prosecution, and that they will testify against Roberto Ortiz, 20.

Prosecutors received blessing from the Rajman family before finalizing the plea deal with Church and Swinton.

According to the Sentinel, Rajman dealt marijuana from his home in West Boca. Court files reveal that he was killed when three masked men broke into his home targeting reserves of cash and drugs.

Rajman was reportedly shot when he tried to disarm one of the intruders.

Church admitted that she used to smoke marijuana with Rajman at his house. She told investigators that on the day of the killing she was in a car with Ortiz, Swinton, and other men she didn’t know, when Ortiz told her to call Rajman to make sure he was home.

Church claimed she knew she was aiding a robbery, but that she didn’t know there would be any guns involved. Investigators do not believe that Church was one of the individuals who entered Rajman’s home during the invasion.

Swinton told investigators that Ortiz planned the robbery. Ortiz has denied any involvement.

Rajman, an American Top Team product who fought under the nickname ‘The Matzoh Brawler’, amassed an amateur record of 7-1 (per Tapology) between 2010 and 2014. He made his professional debut in 2014 with the More Than Conquerors promotion. His final fight came on October 14th, 2016.