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Colby Covington still trying to remain controversial, blames Usman for Glenn Robinson’s death

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Colby Covington is still trying too hard to drum up controversy.

Colby Covington is still trying so hard to make people care about him. Following up to his tasteless remark about Matt Hughes’ accident, the MAGA hat wearing fighter has now decided to remain “controversial” by bringing up the passing of former Blackzilians founder Glenn Robinson.

“The guy’s a piece of shit,” Covington said about Kamaru Usman in an interview with Submission Radio. “He was ducking me for so long when Glenn Robinson was his manager, that Glenn Robinson died from it... Because he was, he was ducking me so hard and wouldn’t fight me.

“So you know, it’s pretty sad. The guy... the guy is fake. No one cares about him. I’m gonna end him soon. I promise you guys that.”

Robinson passed away less than a year ago.

This “trash talk” isn’t witty, nor does it even make any sense. It’s again just another obvious attempt to just drum up controversy, but at what cost? Sure he’d get a headline or two from people like me in the media, but is constantly trying to one up his own cheap remarks actually going to make people pay to see him fight?

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Despite previously holding a belt and having the President of the United States promoting his Twitter, he still has one of the fewest followers in the welterweight top 10. He clearly doesn’t have a big fan base, so if his goal is for people to “hate watch” his fights, it doesn’t seem to be working either.

Covington’s last bout reportedly had the lowest ticket sales in the eight trips UFC has made to Newark. This ESPN card also had by far the fewest viewers in the UFC’s five events with the company.

He’s mocked someone’s life threatening injuries, and has now gone for people who recently passed. He’s probably going to up that and badly deliver another crude insult soon, making more enemies for life in this MMA business. Will it even be worth it?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the mean time, here’s the rest of his “trash” talk from Submission Radio. It’s supposedly about Usman, but it seems more apt about his own personality.

“The guy’s a piece of shit,” Covington said. “Dude I’ve just heard from so many people like, how he’s so fake and he just acts like he’s some superstar. And he acts like he’s better than people.

“So, you know, he has no personality. Literally, Tyron Woodley had more charisma than him right now. That’s sad, Tyron Woodley has zero charisma, so you math — you know that’s in the negative for Martin FakeNewsman.”