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Dana White comments on Cris Cyborg’s apology, leaves door open for Cyborg-Nunes 2

UFC president Dana White might have had a change of heart in terms of being in the Cris Cyborg business. Maybe.

UFC 240: Cyborg v Spencer Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC

UFC president Dana White and Cris Cyborg seemed to have come to an amicable parting of ways. Following Cyborg’s win over Felicia Spencer at UFC 240, White stated that he was no longer in the Cyborg business and she was free and clear to sign wherever she wanted due to her free agency. He also reiterated, once again, that Cyborg did not want a rematch with Amanda Nunes.

For her part, Cyborg released a video showing a private conversation with White. Unfortunately, it appears that the subtitles do not reflect what happened in the actual conversation, painting White in a bad light. Cyborg claims it was a mistake on her team’s part, and she apologized to White via a public statement.

Last night after the Contender Series, White addressed the topic with reporters:

“It had to kill her to apologize to me. She did because what she did is one of the dirtiest things you can do. Fans and media need to get it though their heads she did not want to fight Amanda Nunes.”

White did leave the door open for a possible resolution though, if he thinks Cyborg does actually want to rematch Nunes.

“She just needs to call me tomorrow,”, White said.

Shortly after this statement was put out there, Cyborg responded via Twitter, stating that “Dana White will be in contact tomorrow with @ParadigmSM (ie. her manager, Audie Attar).”

She has since deleted the tweet.