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Tyron Woodley releases ‘Money and The Love’ music video... and it’s not bad

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Check out Tyron Woodley’s latest music video.

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Tyron Woodley is back with another music video and it’s actually not that bad.

The former UFC welterweight champion released his debut album, Chaos Theory, under the moniker of TWOOODLEY earlier this year. On Monday, Woodley dropped the music video for “Money and The Love”. This follows “Beat Yo Ass” featuring Wiz Khalifa and his featured spot on “BLOW” with Glacier Boyz.

Compared to his past musical efforts, “Money and The Love” is a big step up for this hip-hop fan. The subject matter still lacks depth and follows overused tropes: smoking weed, guns, money and women. Lyrically, however, it is a significant improvement. Woodley makes use of multi-syllable rhyme schemes and a more refined flow. The song features his ARCH ANGELS collaborator T-Dubb-O.

There is still no date set for Woodley’s Octagon return. He was originally scheduled to fight Robbie Lawler at UFC Minneapolis in June, but pulled out of the bout due to a hand injury. Woodley looks to snap back from his failed title defense against Kamaru Usman at UFC 235. The fight put an end to Woodley’s seven-fight, five-year undefeated streak.