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Kamaru Usman has been ‘deleting messages’ from fans wanting him to ‘kill’ Colby Covington

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Kamaru Usman has bad intentions in mind for Colby Covington, but there is a line he does not want fans to cross.

Kamaru Usman wants to maul Colby Covington, but he won’t tolerate people screaming murder.

The reigning UFC welterweight champion has absolutely no love for the former interim titleholder; nonetheless, Usman told TMZ some fans are taking the trash talk too far. “I’ve been deleting messages for the past two days from Instagram,” he said (h/t MMA Junkie). “I’ve just deleted, deleted, deleted messages – thousands of messages on Instagram – of people saying: ‘Bro, you’ve gotta kill this dude.’ It’s not ‘beat him,’ it’s ‘kill this guy,’ ‘kill him for us,’ ‘I want him done worse than Askren was.’”

“People have malicious intent for this guy, myself included,” Usman continued. “I’m just blessed to be able to go out there and do it.” Usman and Covington had a heated exchange at the ESPN desk post-UFC Newark. Prior to that, Usman and his manager Ali Abdelaziz cornered Covington at a Las Vegas buffet.

Usman is looking to return from an abdominal surgery by the end of the year. Usman vs. Covington for the welterweight title seems likely to happen following Covington’s one-sided performance over Robbie Lawler at UFC Newark.