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Video: Rodtang beats Haggerty in ONE Championship thriller, Phetpangan takes Rajadamnern belt

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Join us for a look at some of the best recent fights in Muay Thai.

22-year old-Jonathan Haggerty (12-2, 10 KOs) made waves when he beat veteran and modern great Sam-A Gaiyanghadao for the ONE Championship flyweight Muay Thai title. Even if Sam-A was coming out of a two year retirement and is an ancient by Thai standards 35 years old, that was a fantastic win for the English prospect. He was facing an even stiffer challenge in Rodtang Jitmuangnon for his first defense though. Rodtang has established himself as the leading Thai action fighter over the last couple of years, most notably with the 2018 kickboxing FOTY against Japanese star Tenshin Nasukawa.

Haggerty controlled the early rounds with his excellent lead leg. He established his front kick and then feinted off of it to land low, middle kicks and boxing combinations. In traditional Thai fashion, Rodtang started slow and used the early rounds to read Haggerty’s game. Rodtang started to punish the Englishman’s lead leg work with low kicks and front kick catches to body left hooks (a favorite technique of Buakaw) in the second. Once his answer to Haggerty’s work was established, Rodtang started to put the pressure on in the third, forcing boxing exchanges which culminated in a knockdown in the fourth. Rodtang let his foot off the gas in the fifth but still took a decision in a great fight. Rodtang will have a quick turnaround and is fighting Rajadamnern champion Saeksan on August 16th in what could be a passing of the “most exciting Thai fighter” torch. Despite the setback, Haggerty is clearly one of the best young international talents in the sport.

Over at Rajadamnern stadium, featherweight champion Yodkitsada Yuthchonburi was defending his belt against Phetpangan Mor Rattanabandit. Both of them recently had unfortunate experiences in Japan, getting stopped by Takeru and Masashi Kumura respectively in K-1. Back to their Muay Thai roots however, they gave us an excellent clinch battle. Yodkitsada notably landed some very good right hands off of clinch breaks. Both fighters showed excellent knee and off balancing work. Ultimately, a well timed sweep from Phetpangan, his better kick game and a slight advantage in the clinch in the fifth allowed him to win a razor thin decision and the Rajadamnern belt.

At Lumpinee stadium, Pongsiri PKSaenchai (#2 superwelterweight at Rajadamnern, #4 welterweight at Lumpinee) faced Singsuriya Mor.Rattanabandit (#3 welterweight at Rajadamnern, #1 Lumpinee). Pongsiri took a decision thanks to his middle kick and a few well timed sweeps, but Singsuriya who is scheduled to fight Masaaki Noiri in K-1 this month showed a very kickboxing ready style in a solid effort.

Also at Lumpinee stadium, Mohox Teeded99 (#7 flyweight at Rajadamnern) showed some very interesting work, particularly with his handfighting to set up his left knee but got drawn into a brawl and KO’d in the third by Priewpak Sor.Jor.Vichitpadriew.

Other notable results:

Monday at Rajadamnern:

Samingdam Miamikhondobangpoo (blue corner) beat Saoek Sitchefbuntham (red corner) by decision.
Samingdam showed off his excellent clinch, dominating Saoek in this battle of fighters on the cusp of the major stadium rankings.

Phetsuwan Bumdeksian (red corner) beat Yodmanop Singpomprab (blue corner) by second round KO (right hand).

Tuesday at Lumpinee:

View Phetkoson (#9 suberbantamweight Lumpinee, red corner) beat Pomphet Sitnumnoi (blue corner) by second round KO (right hand)

Tubtimtong (#4 lightflyweight Lumpinee, red corner) beat Hongkaow Arawan (blue corner) by decision.

Yuthapon Nor.Narisson (#10 lightflyweight Lumpinee, red corner) beat Kampanath Phor.Lakboon (#4 miniflyweight Lumpinee, blue corner) by first round TKO (low kicks).

Wednesday at Rajadamnern:

Kaito Wor.Wanchai (#6 superflyweight at Rajadamnern, red corner) beat Jaroenrit Rawaimuaythai (blue corner) by decision.

Auto Muangpapoom (#10 superflyweight Rajadamnern, red corner) beat Thayat O.Prasoet (blue corner) by 3rd round KO (left hook)

Plaipayak Sor Tumanin (red corner) beat Yodkla Isantractor (blue corner) by first round KO (elbows).

Thursday at Rajadamnern:

Mathee Sor.Jor.Toypadriew (red corner) beat Detchaiya Petchyindee (#4 BW Rajadamnern, #6 Lumpinee, blue corner) by decision.

Phetsukhumwit Boybangna (blue corner) beat Namphongnoi Sor.Sommai (red corner) by second round KO.

Friday at Lumpinee:

Chalamsuk Sitprakayfah (blue corner) beat Rungnapa Pinsinchai (red corner) by 4th round KO (left hook)