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Video: Gruesome arm break in female Muay Thai fight

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You have been warned.

In this Muay Thai bout from Lion Fight 57 this past weekend, shin met forearm, and the forearm lost, badly.

These bone breaks have always been one of my worst nightmares when competing. But while they’re relatively uncommon, I guess these devastating injuries are really part of the hurt business.

You’ve been warned in advance about the nature of this video, but if you’re still willing, you can watch Magalie Alvarez defeat Andy Nguyen with a forearm shattering kick below.

The bout was officially called at the 14 second mark of the second round, and Alvarez was awarded with the TKO win via injury. Alvarez improved her record to 4-1, while Nguyen dropped to 1-1.

In the main event of Lion Fight 57, it saw England’s Salah Khalifa (39-7) win a super welterweight bout against CSA gym’s Eddie Abasolo (11-3), taking a unanimous decision with the scores of 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46.