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More details emerge regarding Abel Trujillo’s child sexual exploitation arrest

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UFC veteran Abel Trujillo was arrested in Broward County, Fl in May and extradited to Colorado to face charges of child sexual exploitation and obscenity.

Former UFC fighter Abel Trujillo has been charged with felony sexual exploitation of a child and felony obscenity. He is being held with bond set at $10,000 in Castle Rock, Colorado, according to the Douglas County Court Deputy inmate database. Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Last month UFC veteran Abel Trujillo, 35, was extradited from Broward County, FL to Douglas County, CO after a May arrest stemming from an accusation of sexual exploitation of a child.

In the past few weeks more information regarding what Trujillo is accused of doing has become available thanks to a police affidavit. 9News included details from that affidavit in a recent report.

The affidavit states that police in Castle Rock, CO were notified that a 16-year-old girl was receiving inappropriate messages from an adult man via social media. The girl was initially contacted by the man — whom police believe was Trujillo — in March, 2018 when she received a friend request on Instagram.

The girl did not know Trujillo, but she claimed she accepted the request because he was a ‘celebrity.’ The girl said she chatted with Trujillo online ‘on and off’ and that he ‘began discussing sex’ and ‘sending nude pictures of himself to her’.

She told police she never asked for the pictures and that she told him to stop sending them on multiple occasions. She further claimed that although Trujillo ‘never specifically asked by nude images’ of her, she ‘felt he was implying’ that he wanted her to send such images.

The affidavit states that, after receiving images of Trujillo’s genitalia, the girl deleted the images and blocked Trujillo’s profile. In October, 2018 the girl received more messages from Trujillo. The girl believes this happened because she ‘cleared’ her social media accounts, which may have removed the block she put on Trujillo’s account.

9News reports that investigators used social media to track down Trujillo and that they believe, due to ‘body style, tattoos and skin tone’, that the photos sent to the girl were of Trujillo.

In February police executed a search warrant on Trujillo’s phone. There they discovered dozens of photos of ‘nude young women.’ Investigators were unable to determine the ages of those women.

When speaking with police, Trujillo stated ‘he has had multiple conversations with females under the age of 18’ and admitted to sending nude pictures of himself.

Trujillo was released from jail after posting $10,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on September 6th.

Trujillo, who has twice plead guilty to domestic abuse charges in the past, fought for the UFC on 11 occasions between 2012 and 2017. His last appearance for the promotion was at UFC on FOX: Lawler vs. dos Anjos in December, 2017; where he lost to John Makdessi.

Before he was arrested in May Trujillo was scheduled to fight Will Brooks at Battlefield FC 2 in Macau. He was replaced by Gleison Tibau.