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Nik Lentz offers ‘monster’ B.J. Penn his home, still vows to ‘kick the ever-living dog sh-t’ out of him

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Nik Lentz has offered his help to the recently troubled B.J. Penn, but he still plans to put a beating on him.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Sydney-Lentz vs Brooks Christopher Hyde-USA TODAY Sports

After videos stemmed earlier this week of B.J. Penn being involved in another street altercation in Hawaii, Nik Lentz has vowed to give the UFC legend his home and a place to train.

UFC president Dana White announced in July that Penn and Lentz were slated to fight, though a date and venue had not been set. However with videos showing Penn being knocked out in a street brawl, Lentz is fearful the fight could get scrapped.

Talking to TMZ Sports about how he needs this fight “to take care of his family,” Lentz gave Penn an ultimatum as he offered the UFC legend his home and to train with him.

“Number one, you are going to get out of Hawaii. Clearly there is people there that are not good for you, they are bad influences.” Lentz said (via MMA Mania). “We are going to get you away from that and you are going to come to South Florida and you are going to stay with me.

“After you stay with me, I am going to let you train at my gym. I am going to get you ready for the fight better than anybody has. But I am still going to smash you. I am going to kick the ever-living dog sh-t out of you.”

Lentz said the UFC approached him with October 18th in Boston as a targeted date for his fight with Penn, but nothing has yet been signed. He concluded by saying he will teach Penn to be a man and also labeled him as a ‘monster’.

“So we are going to work together. I am going to help you out, set you up. I got a nice place for you, I just bought this new house. I got a place for you to stay and your are going to train with me and teach you to be a man because right now you are a monster.”