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UFC Newark highlights: Jim Miller chokes Clay Guida unconscious after exchanging haymakers

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Check out the full-fight video highlights of the wild ride that was Jim Miller vs. Clay Guida from the UFC Newark co-main event.

The co-main event for UFC Newark didn’t last very long but it was ultra-exciting nonetheless. Longtime UFC veterans Jim Miller and Clay Guida exchanged a set of haymakers early in the fight, with each man hurting the other. Guida struck first and then Miller went. Miller was quick to hop on a guillotine once he saw his opponent was hurt. No tap ever came from Guida so he went to sleep. All of this took place in a span of 58-seconds.

Check out Mookie Alexander’s play-by-play of this crazy co-main event that was Jim Miller vs. Clay Guida:

Round 1 - Hard body kick from Miller and that might have been low. Guida doesn’t take issue and the fight continues. Guida flashing out a jab. Right hand by Guida staggers Miller! Then Miller hurts Guida with a left and immediately drops down for a guillotine! Herb Dean is checking! GUIDA IS OUT COLD! A HOME WIN FOR JIM MILLER!

Official result: Jim Miller def. Clay Guida by technical submission (guillotine) at :58 of round 1