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Video allegedly shows UFC’s B.J. Penn knocked out in street fight

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Video appears to show former UFC champion B.J. Penn offering up his chin for some free punches, and he got caught clean.

B.J. Penn was reportedly involved in another street fight and this one did not end well for him.

Penn is on a seven-fight losing streak inside the Octagon and now he has taken his first documented loss on the streets. Penn, 40, was captured on camera pummeling a man outside of a bar, according to TMZ. The former UFC champion was mounted on a shirtless patron’s back, delivering big ground-and-pound shots. Other witnesses huddled around and tried to pull Penn off.

What that clip doesn’t show is what allegedly preceded that sequence of Penn punching his foe.

TMZ published a second video, (seen at the top of the page), which reportedly occurred before Penn mounted his opponent. Penn and the unnamed patron were again going at this -- this time standing up. Penn easily tossed his opponent to the floor before letting him back up. The man shot for a single leg takedown that Penn easily stuffed. That it is when the unthinkable happened. Penn appeared to be cocky, inviting the other party to take free shots. The man landed what appeared to be an open-hand right before landing a flush left hook. Penn’s legs immediately buckled and his head crashed against the pavement. He was then helped up but with his legs still wobbly.

This incident comes two months after Penn was involved in another brawl, allegedly with a security guard, outside of a strip club. The iconic fighter is expected to fight Nik Lentz at an upcoming UFC event, which Dana White insists will be his last bout inside the Octagon regardless of result.