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Covington on ‘embarrassing’ crowd commotion at UFC 241: ‘These guys wanna act like street thugs’

Colby Covington airs his side of the story about the supposed ruckus he was involved in at UFC 241.

Colby Covington’s self-marketing tactics have brought him a lot of heat. According to UFC president Dana White, “Chaos” also had a big target on him as he sat in the audience at UFC 241 last week.

“Everybody in that section kept fighting with Colby,” White said during the post-fight presser. “So security kept coming over to me 50 times to get him out of there. And I said, ‘No, everybody needs to start acting like f—king professionals because I don’t have another seat in this entire building. That whole section needs to stop starting fights with Colby.

“Right when I got there, too, (Jorge) Masvidal was working his way down the line. (Max) Holloway had moved out of his seat so that Masvidal could come into his seat ... that f—king game you play in kindergarten was going on over there when I went over there.

“So I asked those guys to listen to me: ‘We’ve got a big night going on here. We have a big fight. I don’t need a fight breaking out with you knuckleheads. Stop it.’”

During a recent media scrum at the American Top Team facility, Covington went on to explain his side of the story.

“It’s embarrassing, man,” he told MMA Fighting’s Danny Segura (transcript by MMA News). “We’re supposed to be professionals and these guys wanna act like street thugs. They want to fight in the crowd, but they don’t want to fight in the Octagon and makes millions of dollars.”

“So it’s pathetic. Like Dana White said, they’re little kindergarten kids. Own up, be a professional, man. Don’t get so salty, don’t get in your feelings just ‘cause I’m making more money than you. Just ‘cause your jealous I win every fight and you can’t stop me. Don’t be jealous of that. “

Covington also went on to clarify some claims about Jorge Masvidal wanting to brawl with him, too.

“There’s not really much to clarify. My boy Jorge Masvidal had my back,” he said. “He was like three or four rows back. I was front row, you know, because they put the champ front row obviously.

“I was trying to get my boy Jorge to the front row, but he’s gotta earn his way up.”

Covington is next in line to challenge Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title.