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Video: MMA fighter keeps tapping out, referee ignores him

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This was very MMA.

MMA has had its share of terrible judging and officiating, and this weekend had another perfect example.

Titan FC 56 happened Friday night, and in one of the main card bouts, Landon Quinones Stewart had a win over Calvin Glover. What made the regional bout more notable though, was the blatant incompetence showed by the referee.

As he was going for the ground and pound finish, Glover eventually started tapping to strikes. Unfortunately, the referee Jorge Alonso just let the fight continue despite the attempts to tap being blatantly obvious.

In the end, Glover had to tap multiple times before the fight was either finally verbally called off really late, or Quinones just stopped on his own accord.

The broadcast team was also heard criticizing the referee’s actions. Watch the clip below. (HT: MMA Fighting)

Landon Quinones Stewart improved his record to 3-1-1 with this first round finish, while Glover dropped to 0-4.