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Mike Tyson on Conor McGregor: ‘He’s a wonderful person’

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Mike Tyson believes Conor McGregor when he says that he will be a better person going forward.

Gervonta Davis v Francisco Fonseca Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

If there is anyone in combat sports that might understand how to deal with scrutiny when your indiscretions come to light, it’s probably boxing legend Mike Tyson. Trouble and controversy followed Iron Mike for virtually his entire career, and afterward, so he is in a unique position to speak about MMA’s clown prince of controversy - Conor McGregor.

After a video came to light showing McGregor throwing a punch at an older man in a bar spat, the former two-division UFC champ made it clear that he wants to change his ways and stop being such a magnet for unwanted attention.

When asked about it by TMZ, Tyson sung McGregor’s praises and says he believes that he deserves the chance to prove he can change:

“Absolutely (he scan bounce back from this), he’s a wonderful person. He’s a really kind man. He’s going to get good karma for that. He earned it.”

Tyson is then asked if it’s actually true that he smokes $40,000 worth of marijuana a month. “It’s a reality,” he said.

McGregor hopes to return to the UFC Octagon before the end of the year.