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Grappling Report: Blue belt allegedly steals $2M to fund BJJ habit

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A rundown of the biggest headlines and news from the world of competitive grappling.

bloody elbow grappling report

This week’s grappling report kicks off with the most bizarre BJJ story I have ever read. We all know how over zealous blue belts can be, but this guy takes the cake. According to a report from, Aaron Baslangic, an executive of a large Australian firm has been arrested for fraud spiraling out to $2 million AUD.

According to the report, Mr Baslangic was obsessed with BJJ and competing. To continue his development in the sport, Baslangic regularly flew internationally to compete. And it appears he was scheduled to compete at this weekend’s IBJJF World Masters before he was arrested.

Baslangic’s company has apparently told the court it had uncovered 13 ‘Questionable’ payments Mr. Baslangic made, ranging from $48,000 to $413,139. Some of the payments featured invoices from his personal account and others containing no invoices at all.

It looks like Mr. Baslangic’s BJJ days might be numbered.


Lachlan Giles submitted 5 people in a matter of minutes at the inaugural Kinektic show last weekend and among his victims were former UFC and ADCC champ Ricco Rodriguez and UFC fan favourite Chris Lytle. Giles’ BJJ Fanatics team won the Quntet-style show with ease.

Ralph Gracie has now got a fugitive warrant out against him. Gracie is wanted for his brutal assault of Flavio Almeida at the IBJJF Nogi World Championships, which left Almeida needing medical care after an unprovoked attack. Gracie no showed a scheduled court date and now he is a marked fugitive.


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